who are we

About BDM

Bengali movies have always been great at capturing historical events. The language and rich heritage of both Bangla’s culture has produced many world-class movies and film producers since the first Bengali feature film, Billwamangal, in 1919.  Bengali movies have gone from strength to strength to keep its existence in today’s world.

Bangla Drive-in movies (BDM) is the first of its kind to take Bangla movie to another height. This will be first in Australia and first official global Bangla Drive-in movie branding in anywhere in the world. The initial planning of this event started at the beginning of 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic.  We as a team just wanted to explore a different way to enjoy Bengali movie while the world is in lockdown. The sole idea of this event is to explore a new way to bring our rich Bengali movie heritage to the community and future generations.

The ‘BDM’ engine room

To build any good car; you need ideas, good planning and good implementation. BDM engine room has a great mixture of talent to deliver the best. Here is our story of how we have built our BDM engine room.

A young Sydney sider dreamt of seeing ‘Bangla’ movies in drive- through for many years. This dream remained a dream. During COVID19 lockdown, he shared this idea to a local technology ‘genius’. The tech genius loved the idea and engaged a Bengali movie ‘genius’ and rest is in-front of you now. 

‘Movies shapes a culture’. Our BDM engine room devoted to take both Bangla’s movies to a new height and present to all Bengali speaking people around the globe. All we need is your support to drive us around. Be there with us.

Wahid Siddique
Dipankar Dipon
Akash Ahsan